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Come in for our Early Bird Specials
Tuesday through Friday from 8am to 9am

#1: Two Eggs and Toast | $4.69

#2: Two Eggs, Potato and Toast | $5.79

#3: Two Eggs, Meat and Toast | $5.99

#4: Two Eggs, Meat, Potato and Toast | $7.29

#5: Two Eggs, Two Cakes (or) French Toast and Meat | $6.00

Includes Beverage - No Exceptions

We also have Caramel Apple French Toast and Caramel Apple Pecan Pancakes!

Caramel Apple French Toast

Fish Fry Fridays
All You Can Eat Alaskan Pollock Fish Fry
Made with homemade batter, and served with fries and coleslaw.

fish with french fries and coleslaw

summer specials menu